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Yoogo Share Electric Car Sharing

Yoogo Share is New Zealand's first electric car sharing service. Yoogo Share offers electric cars on demand from 8 locations around Christchurch, including Christchurch Airport. Yoogo Share's pure electric BMW i3s and Hyundai IONIQs are a great emission-free way to get around Christchurch and beyond.

Round trip car sharing

Great for when you need a car full-time when flying in and out of Christchurch. Pick a car up from the airport on your arrival and drop it back when you depart:

  • Book a car via the Yoogo Share app, and head to the round-trip Yoogo Share hub on the ground floor of the Express Park (car park building). Unlock the car via the Yoogo Share app, unplug the charging cable, and you're good to go.
  • On your return, park back in the Express Park hub, plug in, lock up, end your booking by tapping your access card on the charging unit and head to your flight. Easy.

One-way car sharing

Ideal for when you're looking for an affordable way to get to the city, or to the airport from the city, but don't need a car for all of your time in Christchurch.

  • Book a car via the Yoogo Share app and head to the one-way Yoogo Share hub. Unlock the car via the Yoogo Share app, load up your luggage and drive to The Crossing car park in Christchurch CBD. Park up in dedicated Yoogo Share car parks, plug in the charging unit, lock up, and tap your Yoogo Share access card on the charging unit to end your booking.
  • On your return, book a car via the Yoogo Share app. Pick up a car from The Crossing car park and drive to the airport one-way hub on Perimeter Road. Unload. Lock up and head to your flight.
  • During your time in Christchurch, you can book and drive Yoogo Share electric cars from any of the 7 hubs around the city.

To join Yoogo Share, download the Yoogo Share app for  Android or iOS. You must be over 21 years of age to join Yoogo Share, and have held a full valid driver license for a minimum of 3 years.

To view rates, locations and find out more about Yoogo Share - visit

View the Yoogo Share hub locations at the airport on the map below. 

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