By minimising our energy use, we reduce our carbon footprint, reduce costs to our businesses and reduce demand on the national grid. We strive for growth without impact, and for our business to protect our city region and island.

Christchurch Airport minimises energy consumption through the pursuit of energy efficient practices and implementing innovative solutions. Our Integrated Terminal building houses a revolutionary artesian heating and cooling system, which in 2014 attracted acclaim nationally and worldwide and won a number of building and engineering awards.

Looking ahead, we're exploring new ways to minimise both our own and our tenants' fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Throughout 2016, we will implement ground source power to our aerobridges, allowing aircraft on the ground to be powered by mains power rather than using their auxiliary power units. Moving forward, Christchurch Airport is exploring Electric Vehicle (EV) technology and the provision of EV charge points in our car parks.

Our Priorities


  • Reduce use of fossil fuels by using renewable energy
  • Innovative methods to reduce energy consumption throughout our facilities, such as the Integrated Terminal Building energy centre
  • Provide infrastructure for emerging technologies


  • Identify ageing plant equipment
  • Alternatives to ground power units
  • Vehicle efficiency standard for Christchurch Airport vehicles
  • Use of ground source heat-pumps for heating and cooling
  • Work with branded energy suppliers to establish a feasibility case for electric vehicle (EV) charge points on campus and inclusion of electric vehicles in Christchurch Airport's fleet