Special Assistance

Christchurch Airport has many facilities to ensure that all passengers can travel through the airport with ease.

Airport Assistance

If you would like assistance at the airport, either within the car parks or terminal building, please contact Christchurch International Airport's Airport Services team on +64 3 353 7727.

Braille ATM's

The ATM's at the airport feature a raised dot on the number 5 to help with orientation to the centre of the keypad. 


All airport doors are automatic and are wide enough for wheelchair access.

Flight Assistance

If you require assistance in relation to a flight, please contact your airline directly.  View contact details for all airlines here


Automatic lifts provide access to all floor levels within the terminal building.

Medical Assistance

Contact your nearest airport Airport Services staff member if you require medical assistance while at the airport. Airport Services can be located at any of the Airport Information desks.

Mobility Parks

Mobility parks are available for vehicles with a valid disability card and are located in all car parks.  The closest mobility parks to the terminal building are located on the ground floor of the Express Park (the multi-level car park building). Mobility parks are available with no time restriction, however standard parking charges apply.

If you're being picked up or dropped off,  The Loop has dedicated mobility parks as you exit on the left hand side.


TravelPharm is located on Level One of the terminal and provides access to over-the-counter medicines, healthcare items, beauty products and travel necessities. Note: TravelPharm is not able to fulfill prescription medication. Unichem at Spitfire Square, a short walk from the terminal, has a pharmacist on duty every day.


All toilets throughout the terminal building have mobility access.   

Wheelchair Taxis and Shuttles

There are many different taxi and shuttle operators that service the airport and have facilities for wheelchair users. 

Wheelchair Use

Please contact your airline directly if you require a wheelchair while at the airport.