WiFi & Internet Kiosks

Unlimited Free WiFi 

If you have a wireless-enabled device you can use the wireless internet service available at Christchurch Airport for free.  Use the following instructions to get online.

How to Connect

  1. Connect your device to the wireless network called Unlimited Free Airport WiFi.  Most wireless enabled devices display a message on their screen to advise if there is a wireless network available.  If your device does not display a message, you should search for available networks and the select Unlimited Free Airport WiFi.
  2. Start your Internet browser.  Christchurch Airport's Wireless Hotspot page will appear automatically.
  3. Complete any details required and accept the terms & conditions which are available to view online.

Hotspot Access Areas

You can access the wireless Internet access service within most public areas of the Christchurch Airport terminal buildings.

CHRISTCHURCH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LIMITED ("us", "we") provides public wireless services("Services") to users ("you") at Christchurch International Airport on the following terms and conditions: You agree to:

  • not use the Services to annoy or cause harm to others or for any illegal purpose or activity;
  • not resell the Services to others; and
  • immediately report any suspected misuse of, or breach of security in relation to, the Services.
  • We will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Services to a high standard on the Christchurch Airport campus at all times but it is not possible for us to guarantee perfect, continuous or fault-free Services or ensure that the coverage or speed of the Services remains constant. The quality, coverage and speed of the Services will depend on your location, the configuration of your equipment and the configuration of our network as well as factors like radio interference, atmospheric conditions, geographic factors, network congestion and other operational or technical factors.
  • While we will endeavour to make the Services compatible with most software packages, wireless devices and computer configurations we are not responsible for ensuring that the Services will be compatible with and will not damage your equipment, software or data.
  • We are not responsible for ensuring the integrity, privacy or security of your data or the content of any information accessed by you on our network.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude any liability of any kind to you, or any person claiming through you, in respect of any loss of any type arising from the use of the Services or a fault, interruption or failure of the Services.